Full Suite of HR Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of HR services designed to streamline your organizational processes and enhance your workforce’s performance. Our expert team provides pragmatic solutions covering employment standards, health & safety, recruitment, onboarding, conflict resolution, offboarding/terminations, compensation programs, team member experience, and performance management.

HR Fractional Leadership

With a wealth of experience in HR management, we can step into your organization to lead an HR team while understanding your unique organizational culture and dynamics. Whether it is on a part time or contractual basis, this arrangement can be advantageous to small and midsize businesses not requiring a full time HR Executive or a larger organization looking to fill a temporary gap while replacing a departing HR leader.

Legislative Compliance

Maintaining legislative compliance is crucial for an organization to minimize the risk of legal penalties and fines. Compliance helps protect the company’s reputation, fosters trust with team members, customers, and stakeholders, and creates a stable operating environment. We will assist you in reviewing all your legal HR responsibilities and offer solutions to ensure you remain compliant. 

Organizational Design

A well-thought-out organizational structure enhances efficiency by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships, which in turn streamlines decision-making processes and reduces redundancies. We will assist you in analysing your company’s organizational structures and the policies, systems, practices, and culture that allows your teams to function more cohesively.

Hybrid Work Strategy

To maximize your hybrid and remote work strategies, we help you implement robust technology solutions, clear communication policies, and continuous support for your team members. Establishing clear guidelines for availability and response times helps in setting expectations and maintaining workflow consistency. Regular virtual check-ins and updates can foster a sense of community and keep your teams aligned with the company’s goals.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

As your trusted HR advisor, we engage your leadership teams with coaching that is designed to hone their unique strengths, enhance their ability to drive strategic initiatives, increase decision speed, and navigate complex organizational challenges with confidence.

Learning & Development

As part of your team member career growth plans, we will identify skill gaps and provide practical L&D solutions to enhance team member growth and retention. We can also provide customized training that may include manager 101 training, customer service skills, conflict resolution, communications skills, and project/change management.

Team Building

Whether you are looking for an exciting offsite event, weekend strategic retreat, or a ‘learning café’ style session, we can elevate your team dynamics with our expert training associates. Our goal is to provide your team with a series of interactive, fun, and challenging activities that not only break the ice but also foster trust and open communication.