Our Process

We deliver candidates we stand behind.

Our methodology assesses candidates beyond the resume and cursory screening.

Rather than relying solely on recruiter intuition, we build your A-team using proven methods of detailed evaluation. 


Successful recruitment is predicated on intentional collaboration. As we partner with you through the entire process, together we ensure the best outcome for your organization. 


We take the time upfront to understand the skills, traits, and competencies of your A-player. We will work with you to update your job description, job scorecard, and activity inventory. Our in-depth intake aligns search criteria with your unique business needs and organizational culture.


Utilizing intake documentation as our guide, we maximize all the recruitment and search tools at our disposal including our extensive candidate network and headhunting.  


Candidates are thoroughly interviewed and screened based on our multi-step methodology. Upon your request, we will recommend additional assessments to analyze aptitude, personality fit, emotional intelligence, and culture fit.


Through ranking comparisons, candidate analysis,  and careful consideration, we work with you to select the final candidate and finalize the job offer.

Your team of A-players is possible.  Contact us to make it happen.